What Is Physiotherapy?

Physical therapy or physiotherapy can be described as a treatment of disease, injury, bodily defects, or bodily weakness by physical remedies, or modalities, rather than with drugs or surgery. Physical therapists are movement specialists and aim to help patients maintain, recover or improve their physical abilities.

Treatment programs may include a variety of machines, manual therapy, corrective exercises and/or functional rehabilitation, which are adjunctive procedures to chiropractic care.

Physiotherapy Modalities Performed At Gifted Hands Chiropractic Center

    • Electrical Stimulation
      Nerve impulses released to contract/relax affected muscle(s), therefore facilitating soft tissue healing.
    • Ultrasound 
      An acoustic energy via soundwaves transformed from high frequency electrical energy used to enhace healing at a cellular level.
    • Diathermy 
      Electromagnetic heat application used to dilate blood vessels, warm soft tissues and relax muscle spasms.
    • Graston Technique
      Soft tissue mobilization technique used for chronic or acute pain from injury or repetitive stress.
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    • Traction 
      Mechanical stress/separation of articulating surfaces providing relief from pain or hypomobility.
    • Mechanical Massage 
      Vibration tool used to improve circulation and lymphatic flow and relax muscle spasms.
    • PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)
      Contraction/Stretching exercises used to increase range of motion, flexibility & strength of the targeted muscles.
    • Trigger Point Therapy 
      Pressure point release of muscle adhesions and associated referred pain by manual compression.
    • Muscle Stripping 
      Deep tissue friction used to release chronic muscle tension
    • Massage Therapy 
      Swedish & Deep Tissue massage or Reflexology by a certified massage therapist.

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