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Reasons to Continue Care BrochureReasons to Continue Care
When your symptoms are gone and you feel better, you may be tempted to believe that your recovery is complete. However, research indicates that ligaments and discs, because they have a poor blood supply, heal very slowly.





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Sciatica and Leg Pain BrochureSciatica and Leg Pains
The chiropractic approach to treating sciatica is to find the source of nerve irritation and relieve the pressure that is causing the pain. By correcting the source of the problem, the body can heal naturally.






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Sciatica and Leg Pain BrochureStress and Chiropractic Care
One thing is certain: Stress affects each of us, but often in very different ways. For some, a certain amount of stress can be a stimulant causing them to meet challenges and achieve goals.






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